Woodburners & Fireplaces

Contemporary & Traditional Wood Burners

Our contemporary stove range is suited to customers looking to incorporate a wood burning or multi-fuel stove into a living space with a more modern aesthetic. We offer a large range of contemporary wood burners from leading global brands.

There is nothing like the irresistible ambience of a traditional style wood burning stove. Our range of stoves offer home owners the best of all worlds. Whether you choose a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel option, our traditional style stoves look amazing whilst clean burning, highly efficient and available in sizes to suit all living spaces.

Wood Burner Installation

We provide building and Installation services for Wood and Multi-fuel Burners, Gas Fires and fire surrounds. Whatever you’re vision we can help you realise it.

A HETAS qualified surveyor will visit your property and discuss your requirements and expectations, whilst offering advice and ideas as to the correct type of burner and flue options.

We provide a full installation service with building work as needed.

Supply only Service

We also provide a supply service on stoves, stove parts, rope seals, liners and adaptors, bird guards and cowls. To discuss your requirements further please call 01455 552 552.

Maintenance Service

We offer a maintenance service to ensure that your stove is burning efficiently. We recommend that you do this at least once every 8-12 months.  The following is included in your maintenance package:

Annual Service: £90

  • Inspect body of stove
  • Check the stove glass for damage and clean. Advise replacement if necessary
  • Inspect and replace rope door seals if required.
  • Examine Fire bricks, baffles and grates, and advise on replacement. We don’t charge extra for fitting but if they need replacing there is a charge for the parts themselves.
  • Examine all fire cement seals from the stove to the flue and re-joint if required
  • Examine register plate seals and reseal where required
  • Removal of debris from register plate
  • Check installation for draw/leaks
  • Advise on fuel being used
  • Check vents are clear where fitted
  • inspection of flue
  • Full Report

Check and adjust all riddling mechanisms, air controls and damper mechanisms

Flues and Chimneys for Wood and Multifuel Burners

Your stove will always perform at its best when a chimney is lined, this is because flue gases travel more efficiently, quickly reaching and maintaining a high temperature.  This makes for a strong up draught and means the flue will collect less deposit making cleaning easier.  In most scenarios chimneys can be lined with flexible stainless steel flue pipe which is the most cost effective solution for protecting an old chimney against wear and tear as well as leaks.  Stainless steel liners are designed to withstand high temperatures and being smooth and gas tight minimize the risk of tar deposits.

NonChimney SolutionsTwin Wall Flue Liner for Wood and Multifuel Burners.

If you have no chimney this is easily reconciled.  Using an innovative system known as twin wall (or insulated flue), there are a number of ways in which we can accommodate your installation.  We can install this through floors, into the attic and out through a lead flashing on the roof.  Alternatively, we could pass the system through an external wall to continue vertically.

Flues and Chimneys for Gas Burners

There are two types of flue liners for Gas burners, conventional or balanced.

Conventional flue gas fires (or open combustion gas fires) must always be connected to a chimney in order to function safely and correctly. Air is drawn from the surrounding living area and combined with draught air from the chimney for combustion. Waste gases are then expelled up the chimney and into the atmosphere.

Conventional flue gas fires can be open-fronted or glass-fronted, although most modern gas fires are glass-fronted. This is because a fire behind glass is safer and more energy efficient than an open fire.

Ventilation points are needed at the front of the fire to capture the air flow and to assist in the convection of the radiant heat. Ventilation openings are also required in the outside facing walls of the living room to facilitate effective air flow and ensure comfort and safety.

Balanced flue gas fires (or closed combustion gas fires) are efficient, modern gas appliances that are connected to the outside atmosphere through a concentric flue.

Air is drawn from outside the building for combustion, with waste gases expelled outside through the flue, which is connected to the top of the fire and inserted through an outside facing wall.

All balanced flue gas fires are room-sealed, glass-fronted appliances. As well as being attractive in appearance, they provide high levels of comfort due to the fact that the oxygen levels in the home are not being depleted.

Balanced flue gas fires also have higher-than-average energy efficiency ratings, due to their closed combustion system and modern fireplace engineering standards.

Because there are no restrictions in terms of chimney size, balanced flue gas fires are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and designs. There are letterbox, portrait and landscape models; 2-sided, 3-sided and see-through tunnel fires as well as freestanding contemporary gas stoves.

Many of these models can be combined with natural stone fire surrounds or a wide selection of beautiful, tailor-made outer frames to enhance the appearance of the fires.




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